Hiring Caterers For A Small Party: 4 Tips

Posted on: 21 December 2022

When you think of hiring a caterer, you might imagine it as something people do when they have a really large party and don't want to cook for everyone. However, you can absolutely hire a caterer for a smaller party, too. People have even hired caterers for dinners with just one or two guests! No matter how small your group is, many catering companies will be happy to accommodate you. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow, specifically, when hiring a caterer for a small party.

Taste everything beforehand.

When you only have a few people at your party, you're not going to want to order a lot of extra dishes. Whatever people don't like will go un-eaten. So, this is a situation in which you'll want to have a tasting with the catering company beforehand. If they also have a restaurant, you can just go out to eat at that restaurant and order dishes you're considering for your catered party. Either way, tasting the dishes beforehand will make sure you only end up with dishes you enjoy, which is vital when everyone at the table will be eating every dish.

Ask your guests about preferences.

If you do not already know what your guests prefer to eat, give them a call and ask. If there are any dietary restrictions, it is often best to make sure the whole menu suits them. For instance, if someone in the group is lactose-intolerant, it's often easiest to have the caterer just make a lactose-free meal for everyone.

Establish whether someone is coming to serve.

Having a caterer serving you directly feels a little different when there are only a few of you at the party. Some people like being waited on by a caterer in this quieter setting and others do not. So, think about what you prefer so you can let the caterer know. There's nothing wrong with simply having them drop the food off if you don't want a server there through your whole party. 

Book well in advance. 

There may be some catering companies that have a minimum order size, or who won't schedule your party if they have the chance to book a larger one. So, it's a good idea to book your party as far in advance as you can. This way, if a company or two say no, then you have time to find one that says yes.

With the tips above, you can have a great time at your small, catered party. For more info, contact a local catering company


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