Helpful Things To Know When Ordering Margaritas For The First Time

Posted on: 8 September 2022

Margaritas are a favorite at Mexican restaurants. Basically, this drink consists of tequila, citrus juice, and simple syrup. There are many different variations, and there are also some traditions and techniques around the margarita. These are worth knowing about before you order margaritas for the first time. Here are the key facts to know.

Not all margaritas are frozen.

You may have seen images of frozen, fluffy drinks known as margaritas. The drink can be made this way — blended with ice in a blender — but this is not the classic preparation. The classic preparation involves shaking the drink in a cocktail shaker and serving it over ice, or "on the rocks" as bartenders like to call it. Some Mexican restaurants offer frozen margaritas, too, and they can be delicious. However, this tends to be more of a Tex-Mex and Americanized version of the drink. If you're after the more authentic, Mexican version, order your margarita on the rocks.

The substance on the rim is salt.

You might see the coated rim of a margarita glass and assume it's sugar lining the rim. But this is typically salt. Flaky salt sticks well to the rim of a margarita glass. You're meant to take a little with every sip. This may seem strange at first, but the salt actually contrasts the citrus juice very nicely and makes its flavors more pronounced. Some people find they don't like it and order their margaritas without salt, but give it a try before you knock it.

You can ask for your preferred tequila.

Most Mexican restaurants will have a house margarita that they make with good tequila. With the strong citrus juice flavor of margaritas, most people find they can't taste the nuances of the tequila and like the house tequila just fine. However, if you do prefer a different tequila, you can typically ask for it to be used in your margarita. For example, you could say to your bartender, "I'd like a margarita with Tequila Brand X." Margaritas made with requested tequilas are considered "call drinks" and the restaurant will usually charge you a dollar or two more to cover the more expensive liquor.

Margaritas are delicious when enjoyed alongside Mexican food or pretty much any other time. Now that you know a bit more about them, you should feel prepared and confident when you order one of these drinks. For more information on margaritas, contact a professional near you.


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