Should A Memorial Service Or Wake Be Catered?

Posted on: 9 December 2021

When grieving the loss of a beloved family member, you're likely to be preoccupied with the logistics of arranging their funeral. If there's to be a memorial service or wake, you must deal with the fact you will need to provide a meal or refreshments for those in attendance. There's no right or wrong way to do this, and you must choose an approach that best suits your needs.

Time-Consuming to Arrange

While you may receive numerous offers of assistance from those willing to provide a dish for the occasion, there can still be a considerable amount of effort involved in arranging the food in question—and this can be very time-consuming. Although keeping busy can be beneficial during a difficult time, your time can be better spent elsewhere, even with your own grieving. It's for this reason that hiring an event caterer can relieve your burden.

Some Starting Questions

When hiring a caterer for your loved one's memorial or wake, you must consider the basics:

  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Where will the food be served?

These are going to be amongst the first questions that a prospective caterer will ask you, so it can be helpful to give these points some thought.

The Location 

The location is particularly important, as are the facilities on offer at this location. Will it be held at a private home, a church hall, or even at the funeral home? The caterer may need an onsite working kitchen, or may simply be able to deliver and serve pre-made food. These precise requirements can depend on the menu itself—and whether you will be serving a set menu, or would prefer the caterers to set up a buffet.

The Menu

It's not as though there are any menu items that can be unsuitable for a memorial service or wake, and it's a matter of your own preferences and those of your guests. Arguably, it's easier for a professional caterer to accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions, so it's important to enquire with your guests. Your caterer may even be able to help with a themed menu to celebrate your loved one, with the inclusion of some of your loved one's favorite dishes. 

It's perfectly acceptable to hire an event caterer to provide food and refreshments for a loved one's memorial service or wake. During this extraordinarily difficult time, anything to make the process easier for you can be greatly appreciated.

For more information, contact an event caterer near you.


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