Having Bagged Ice Delivered For A Large Event

Posted on: 5 April 2021

If you are unsure whether your restaurant's ice machine will be able to keep up with your ice needs during a large event, such as a corporate party or wedding dinner, then one solution is to have bagged ice delivered. With the ice pre-made, you won't have to worry if someone orders an extra drink and the ice bin is empty! However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow to prepare for and navigate this scenario well.

Set aside separate freezer space

Ice is considered a "prepared food" in that it does not get cooked before it is served to your restaurant guests. As such, you need to be pretty concerned about cross-contamination. You don't want to just store your bagged ice in the freezer next to raw meats. So, before your ice delivery service arrives, make sure you have a clean and clear area in the freezer just for the ice. If you have two or more freezers, you may want to clear one and dedicate it just to the ice for this party. If you're limited on freezer space, consider calling your food delivery company and asking them to delay their next order until the day after the party so you temporarily have more freezer space to work with.

Order more than you think you'll need

Ice is not expensive. Since you're already paying the delivery charge — the most expensive part of ordering ice — you might as well order a little extra to ensure you don't run out. Plus, your servers can use it in the days after the party and take the opportunity to take apart and clean the ice machine! It's pretty standard to order between 1 and 2 pounds of ice per party guest, so use that as your guide. Then, tack on an extra 50 pounds or so for good measure.

Verify who is responsible for unloading the ice

Usually, when you order ice to be delivered, the delivery driver will unload the ice and put it in your freezer for you. However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when delivery drivers may not want to come inside the building for health reasons. Either way, a quick call to the delivery company before your visit will reveal whether or not you need to have staff on hand to unload the ice.

Having ice delivered is a good way to make sure you have enough for a large party. Contact an ice delivery service for more information.


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