How to Provide Your Employees with Good Water at Work

Posted on: 5 August 2019

It is so important to stay well-hydrated. Staying well-hydrated not only benefits one's overall health, staying well-hydrated is one of the main keys to staying alert and attentive, two qualities you want your employees to have when they are at work. Help your employees stay well-hydrated by providing them with high-quality water.

The water that comes straight out of the faucet may not be the best water, which is why you should provide your employees with other sources of water. For example, you can install a water filter on the drinking water tabs, you can purchase individual water bottles, or you can have water delivered.

Install Water Filters

The truth is many people don't enjoy the taste of the water that comes out of the faucet. This water has generally be treated and often picks up chemicals and other microbes as it travels through the pipes to your building. Although it is clean and safe to drink, it may not have the best taste.

To counteract that, you can install water filters on the drinking water taps within your building. That will help filter out the contaminants that get into the water on its way to your building. You may want to assign someone the task of staying on top of changing and cleaning the water filters on a regular basis.

Provide Bottled Water

Another option is to provide bottled water for your staff members. This may work if you have a really small staff. However, once your number of employees starts to creep up, it may not be sustainable to provide individual containers of bottled water. Additionally, individual bottles of water are not the most sustainable way to provide your employees with clean drinking water.

Get Water Delivered

Your third option is to get water delivered to your business. You can set up water dispensing stations, where your employees can enjoy either cold or hot water that has already been filtered. You can set-up multiple water stations throughout your business for your employees. A water delivery company like Dean's Waterservice Inc could deliver large containers of water that you attach to the water dispensing system and pick up your empty containers to recycle them.

With this option, you can easily provide clean water to all your employees without having to assign anyone to take care of the filters and without incurring a lot of plastic waste like you would with individual water bottles.

Help your employees stay healthy and alert by providing them with fresh water they will enjoy drinking at work.


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