How A Food Service Manager Can Improve Your Restaurant

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Are you thinking about shutting your restaurant down although it hasn't been opened very long? If your reason for wanting to close down the restaurant is due to not knowing how to run it properly, contracting with a professional food service manager might be a good option. Below, discover some of the ways hiring a contract food service manager can improve what goes on in your restaurant.

Menu Preparation

The menu that you serve is one of the main things that will determine if your restaurant is able to attract and maintain regular customers. A food service will examine the menu that you have in place and find areas that could use improvement. He or she will make sure a satisfactory serving size is served and that the meals are presented in a professional manner when served to customers. The manager will also have a general idea of which food items in other restaurants are popular in the same cuisine as yours. The key will be to make your menu completive so customers will keep coming back.

Improve the Dining Experience

The comfort level that your customers experience when dining in your restaurant is one of the key aspects of keeping a restaurant going. A food service manager will observe the dining table, chairs, decorations and overall environment of your restaurant to get an idea of how customers feel when they are dining. He or she may recommend that you make a few changes to the dining area to make it more enjoyable for customers. Another aspect of the dining experience that the manager will observe is how soon customers are served after placing an order. The manager will make sure that customers are receiving meals fast and that the food served is fresh.

Satisfy Unhappy Customers

How the situation is handled when unhappy customers file complaints can make a big difference in how well you are able to maintain a regular customer base. A food service manager will know how to listen to angry customers and speak with a professional tone when responding to their complaints. He or she will do everything possible to calm the customers down before they leave the restaurant, which can protect the reputation of the business. For instance, unhappy customer might be offered a free meal or a discount. Hire a contract food service manager like one from New Horizon Foods for your restaurant so it can be improved and able to remain in business.


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